Drink Your Veggies, Eat your Coffee

This coffee is actually a delicious dessert that should be eaten, not drank.

Julio Cortázar is one of my favorite writers. I particularly enjoy the way in which he is able to unravel the story he made you believe he had woven, and then, in one or two sentences, he turns it around to put an entirely new book in your hands.

At the end of the meal, I was presented with an edible menu. This is the menu that I enjoyed. Literally.

This came to mind when I visited Moto this weekend. If you have never experienced molecular gastronomy, a style that got notoriety in the land of Dalí, no less, I highly recommend it.

In the heart of Chicago’s meat-packing district, Moto Restaurant, seems understated. It should, as the food at this cozy, chic-yet-unpretentious establishment, is an incredibly stimulating multisensory event for both mind and palate.

From  an edible zen garden, to a dessert that looks like egg drop soup complete with an egg yolk that is actually mango, the 15-course meal is an adventure that comes with specially-designed utensils that hold aromatic herbs, and a leather glove smoked with vanilla beans to accompany a treat called “smell the glove”.  The aromas, while not in the food, are designed to enhance the flavor of the dish on the plate.

If you plan on going, forget everything you know about food. Really. Moto is like a short story by Cortázar; a  place where you know you will be surprised- you will get to drink your veggies and eat  your coffee.

Moto Restaurant, 945 W. Fulton Market,  Chicago, IL 312.491.0058

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6 thoughts on “Drink Your Veggies, Eat your Coffee

  1. Wow. What a cool restaurant. It sounds fantastic. I’ll have to put it on my list for the next time I’m in Chicago. Keep the reviews coming!

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